History in the Making:
A Timeline of Family Tradition and Innovation

Humble Beginnings

1940s: An Entrepreneur in the Making
Ed Comer is a young boy helping his dad bag and sell salted peanuts to corner bars and taprooms.

1950s: Laying the Foundation
After serving in the Korean War, Ed devotes himself to the family business. He expands into roasting cashews, almonds, and pecans.

1960s: A New Address
Outgrowing its single room operation, Ed moves his growing business to a three-story red brick building on Tasker Street in South Philadelphia where the aroma of freshly roasted nuts becomes a neighborhood feature.  

Building a Nut Butter Brand

1970s: Early Innovation
Ed pioneers some of the country’s first trail mixes to satisfy the demands of the health food movement.

1980s: Revolutionizing the Family Business
Ed migrates from small batch roasting to continuous lines and innovates the packaging of nuts to preserve freshness and taste. These changes prove to be revolutionary!

1990s: Peanut Butter Love
After graduating from college, Ed’s son Dan begins working alongside him to learn the family business. Together, they introduce a new line of creamy, delicious peanut butter and quickly discover they are on to something special. They move the business again to a much larger, one-story facility in South Philadelphia offering new efficiencies, room for growth, and space to experiment with new offerings.

A New Era

2000s: The Next Generation Leader
Ed retires and his son Dan takes the helm, steering the family business toward the future.

2010s: Expansion Gives Way to New Opportunities
The addition of multiple roasters and nut butter mills, and the ability to process and distribute a wide range of products to snack food distributors and ingredient purveyors, leads to rapid growth. Ed and Dan’s family business celebrates its 60th anniversary; they expand their nut butter offerings to include almond butter and cashew butter.

2020s: An Exciting New Era
The company launches Philadelphia Nut Butter Company, a newly branded consumer product line of peanut (salted or unsalted), cashew, and almond butters. Now, nut butter lovers around the country can purchase our legendary nut butters via our new direct-to-consumer website.

Today: Celebrating Our Past, Looking Forward to the Future
This Philadelphia success story is just getting started!

The Process

We know how to make nut butter. In fact, we’ve been at it for over 30 years.

We’ve been roasting, grinding, and packaging all of our products under the same roof—using only the highest-quality ingredients. We don’t do it this way just to sound smooth (get it?).

Making nut butter isn’t that hard! Less is more when it comes to ingredients. Our nut butters don’t contain any additives. All you need are nuts, salt (unless unsalted is your jam—pun intended) and love.

Supporting Project HOME

The mission of the Project HOME community is to empower adults, children, and families to break the cycle of homelessness and poverty, to alleviate the underlying causes of poverty.

Buy a jar and feel good because Philadelphia Nut Butter Co. participates in a monthly donation program in conjunction with Project HOME to help feed those in need.

Learn More About Project HOME →

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